30 March 2023

Health Benefits of Hypoallergenic Silk Duvets and Silk Pillows

Discover the health benefits of a luxurious hypoallergenic pure silk duvet or pillow can offer.

Health Benefits of Silk

Discover the healthier alternative

Most people think of silk as an expensive fabric that is the ultimate in luxury, smoothness and normally associated with the sexiest lingerie and bedding, but everyone should know how it could also benefit your health too.

If you are serious about giving yourself, family or children one of the healthiest night sleep possible; then pure silk duvets and pillows must be an important choice.

Here's how...


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The droppings from dust mites contain left-over enzymes which the mites use to digest the skin dust. It is these enzymes which are the most important part of mite dust in causing asthma and other allergic diseases. Consequently, silk duvets and pillows will help with allergies.

Sensitive Skin

Silk works in two ways to assist sensitive skin.

Firstly, silk is 100% natural, and contains many amino acids in common with the human body, these acids help moisture penetrate the skin (aid in absorption) and aid in skin healing.

Secondly, silk is fine, durable, light and has 75% stretch, which means that 10 cm (4') will stretch to 17.5 cm (6 1/2").  The individual fibres are approximately a half a mile long, which is what gives the fabric its lustre and ultra smooth surface so beneficial to sensitive skin.

Together these benefits will help:-

  • Eczema
  • Sensitive Skin
  • allergic rash
  • skin inflammations (psoriasis)
  • shingles
  • post-chemotherapy sensitive skin
  • post surgery sutures
  • sunburns
  • vascular sclerosis

Thermal and Humidity Control

Silk is known for its sleeping temperature regulation. This is due to silk having a hollow formation that enables the texture to transpire the excess heat whilst still keeping in the needed amount of warmth. The result is that silk is comfortable and cool during the summer and cozy and warm in the winter. The temperature-regulating properties of silk give it the ability to warm and cool at the same time. When silk is applied to bedding products a study commissioned by the World Health Organization showed that the thermal effect is uncomparable to any other type of product ( such as cotton or artificial fibres) [Molloy et al ,1993]

Low Weight

Silk duvets because of their thermal criss-cross pattern provide the required thermal properties at a weight a fraction of traditional feather, down or synthetic duvets. Consequently, the light weight on your body is a real benefit to people suffering from circulation issues where the weight of bedding causes discomfort.


PureSilkDuvet can not personally guarantee any of these properties and cannot be made liable for these but have based our content by reviewing journals, quotes, medical reports freely available on the internet and as such encourage you to verify our comments.






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