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The Best in Luxury Silk Bedding with Silkweb

Indulge yourself with silk sheets. Our silk sheets are made from only the highest quality silk and are available in 7 glorious colours.

Pamper yourself and enjoy the natural benefits of silk duvet. Our silk duvets are individually hand made using the finest quality new long fibre mulberry silk to ensure the luxury that you deserve.

Our Silkweb™ Pure Silk Pillows are handcrafted from The Finest 100% Pure Silk and are cased in 100% Silk

Why not experience luxurious silk in your nightwear. We use the finest crepe satin that is both sensitive to your skin and so luxurious and soft that it naturally falls to the contours of your body

Silk Bed Linen & Duvet Specialists - Relax in a Silk Bedroom - Why you Choose Us?

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a no quibble 7 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. Simply return your items and we will refund your order.

Silk Cased Duvets

We don't skimp on product design and therefore don't use cotton. Not only do we fill our Silkweb duvets and pillows with the very best long fibre Mulberry Silk we also go that extra mile and case our duvets and pillows in Silk to give that extra luxury.

Made with Love

We source our products from the finest Mulberry Silk from China

Unique features

Silk is Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. We also pay attention to detail and add special touches like a spiral effect on our duvets or embroidered logos

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Silk Filled Pillows

Our Silkweb™ Pure Silk Pillows are handcrafted from The Finest 100% Pure Silk and are cased in 100% Silk. We also have the superb memory foam and silk pillow more about our pillows

Euro Size Silk Duvet

Euro King and Euro Single Size added

Silkweb has now added a Euro King size silk duvet, measuring an extra 20cm in length 240cm*220cm and a Euro Single size silk duvet measuring 140cm* more about Euro Size Silk Duvets

Luxury Silk Pyjamas

Luxury Silk Nightwear

We are delighted to announce the addition of female pure silk nightwear to our range. Aimed at the luxury end of the market, these garments are magnificent in their quality and designs and really complete your sleeping more

Silk Pillow Case helps tangle free hair

Silky Smooth Pillow Cases

Many people are purchasing silk pillow cases both for reduced crease lines to the face in the morning and to retain tangle free hair. Silk contains proteins which support the hair follicle and meaning that while you sleep your hair is being nourished. A second benefit of the smooth silk surface means next reduced hair friction and therefore less damage to the hair more about our silk pillow cases